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Hausboot 390

Hausboot 390

The best house for boat charter.


  • length 9 meters
  • width 3 meters

Floats: polyethylene segments, galvanized steel frame

Residential buildings external dimensions 3 m by 5 meters content:

Living room with kitchenette – kitchen cabinets, sink, two-burner gas stove, fold-out sofa, wardrobe.

Bedroom – equipment; double bed with a container for bedding and luggage, optional single folded bed.

Bathroom – equipment; shower, sink, mirror, toilet with macerator,

The bow deck of the railings, [optional pipe anchors additionally payable],

Stern terrace, railing ladder to the water,

Top terrace with folding railings,

Technical equipment:

  • LED lighting built into the ceiling cover,
  • domestic hot water pump
  • usable water tanks 2 x 140 l
  • dirty water tanks 2 x 140 l
  • gas stove – hot water and heating Radiators; living room, bedroom, bathroom,
  • solar panels 2 x 250 W
  • 3 kW solar inverter
  • batteries 4 x 6 V 225 Ah
  • Yamaha 9.9 PS engine
  • fuel tank 49 l