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Floats - Floating platforms - Platforms for Dutch houses

What are they?

It is made of durable high-density polyethylene, one-piece platforms that are used as work platforms, floats for recreational platforms, river transport platforms, rafts or footbridges.


They have special openings with an internal thread, which significantly facilitates mounting all kinds of elements to improve the structure, including beams and brackets.


Polyethylene provides platforms with high buoyancy and stability which completely excludes the possibility of sinking the platform. It is a tight / homogeneous structure because it does not have welds. The floats are corrosion resistant and require no maintenance. You can recycle them.


Platforms are ideally suited for keeping on the water: – bridges – footbridges – floating platforms – hausboot / houseboat – technological platforms, eg at the moorings of boats or water structures.


The unique shape of the platform gives the possibility to connect them together, which allows you to create a float of any length, width and buoyancy – and at the same time does not lose its stability.


It is also possible to provide additional displacement and performance of the float by filling the interior of the platform with a light material – foam or other. Modular construction with adapters – dovetail type. Flexible and non-standard solution. Easy to use, durable, resistant to weather conditions, and durable.

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